4 Online Educators of Color You Should Know

Edited by Catherine Harlow, Cover image by Annika Gordon

The 2020 school year is well underway and whether you’re eighteen or eighty, everyone still has something to learn. I wanted to take a moment to showcase some truly online educators who have had a profound influence on me and shaped the way that I approach the world. 

Soft Business Skills with Evelyn from the Internets: 

Image by Jinni J

Evelyn is an Austin-based vlogger and the host of the Business Skills course from CrashCourse. Through this course, Evelyn will cover topics like how to negotiate your salary, ace the interview, and how to avoid burnout. In addition to her role as a producer, writer, and speaker, she has also been vlogging about travel, beauty, and culture for over eight years and you can find her personal channel here. 

Sex Education with Shannon Boodram: 

Image from Future of Personal Health

I’ve been following Shan for many years as she is very established in the YouTube sex education community. She has her own channel which covers topics in dating and relationships as well as her current pregnancy. She has a new show on Quibi called Sexology with Shan, click to watch here. 

Race & Culture with Franchesca Lee Ramsey

Image from Marie Forleo

What doesn’t Franchesca do? I first encountered Franchesca from her viral video “Shit White GIrls Say…to Black Girls”, which riffed off of the video meme format of “Shit [insert group here] Say” that was wildly popular in 2012 and jumpstarted her career in media. Over the last 8 years, Franchesca has added podcaster, author, and video series host to her resume. The series I think you should watch is Decoded from MTV in which Franchesca discusses issues of race, pop culture, and history. 

Origin of Everything with Danielle Bainbridge

Image via Northwestern University

The Origin of Everything is a history show that was started by PBS Digital Studios in 2017. Hosted by Danielle Bainbridge (an assistant professor at Northwestern), the show covers the origins of well…everything! From rubber duckies, to why pink is for girls and blue for boys, and a history of socialism in America, this show answers the burning questions you didn’t even know you had. 

These are some of my favorite educators of color but if there’s someone you think we missed please sound off in the comments below!

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