Meet the Team

Staff Writers: 

11998681_10152687876732395_803163120_nKathryn Cooperman, Staff Writer

Current city: New York City, NY

Artistic Interests: Italian and 19th Century Art

Kathryn majored in Art History and Italian Studies at Wellesley College. Throughout college, she nurtured her passions for these two disciplines by studying abroad in Bologna, Italy, and by closely researching nineteenth-century sculptor Anne Whitney through the lens of Whitney’s travels to Europe. Kathryn sees art as a reflection of a culture’s unique values, and in her study of art history, she specifically enjoys making the connection among art, culture, and language.

Current City: New York City, NY
Artistic Interests: Contemporary film and theatre
Annie writes about American pop culture and mass media with an intersectional perspective. She earned her BAs in Art History and Cinema & Media Studies at Wellesley College, and is completing her MFA in Dramaturgy at Columbia University School of the Arts. Her academic and artistic foci are on Orientalism, western imperialism, AAPI representation, and immigrant narratives in the performing and filmic arts. When not critiquing art, she can be found making it. Hit her up on Twitter!

imageedit_4_8352230727Katie Constantine, Staff Writer

Artistic Interests: Film & Television

When Katie is not climbing up a mountain or camping in the woods, you can find her learning about life through the stories we are told via film. She is fascinated by all of the specific mechanics that are used to bring together such moving pieces. To her, film is not something you watch and then forget. It is something that teaches you how to deal with the difficult parts of life because, whether you’re a brain, an athlete, a basket case, a princess, or a criminal, there is always more to what you see.

PA262902-001 editCatherine Harlow, Editor + Staff Writer

Current city: Seattle, WA

Artistic Interests: Studio art/Painting

Catherine has been passionate about art for as long as she can remember.  Her love affair with art started with her drawing on the walls of her house as a small child, and has since evolved and continued with her completing a double major in Studio Art and Art History at Wellesley College.  In her senior year, she fulfilled a thesis in painting that brought challenges and avenues for artistic exploration that she plans to continue investigating.  Catherine believes that everyone can benefit from exposure to art, and that everyone should study it, since art is such an important part of culture.


Tiffany Chan, Editor in Chief

Current city: Boston, MA

Artistic Interests: 20th Century American architecture

Tiffany decided to take Art History on a whim her first year of college and hasn’t stopped since. While her primary interest is the built environment, she is fascinated by the combination of utility and art in all forms of design. She likes analyzing the everyday beauty and enjoys disciplines such as jewelry and fashion design. Tiffany is particularly interested in the sleek aesthetics of the 1920s and 1960s. She also occasionally takes pictures, you can find them here.


1794533_10203905404579666_5029003086604954093_nTalin Ghazarian

Current city: Newport, RI

Artistic Interests: Ancient & Medieval art

When Talin was younger she was fascinated by the Ancient World. She owned almost every picture book and museum catalog about Ancient Egypt, and each Sunday she watched Jason and the Argonauts, which is still one of her guilty pleasures. Anticipating becoming a Classical Civilizations major she took an intro Art History course to expose herself to the art of Greece and Rome, which sparked her initial interest in the civilizations of the Near East. While her main focus is on the artistic, societal, and militaristic achievements of the Assyrian Empire, Talin has used her travels in Morocco, Armenia, and Lebanon to study the art of the Phoenicians and Urartians as a way to gain insight into the expansive reach and influence of the Assyrians on nearby societies. She plans to continue her studies of the Near East in Graduate School.

041Carrington OBrion

Current City: Boston, MA

Artistic Interests: Musical theatre

Carrington can typically be found standing in the rain waiting for student rushtickets. She’s passionate about the way that history and the arts can help us see our lives differently. Particularly interested in the ways that public performances can showcase and effect change, she has written about race, gender and art throughout America’s history. When not writing, you might find her sitting on a museum floor or tweeting @ACarrintheWorld

Chelsea_EnnenChelsea Shea Ennen

Current city: New York City, NY

Artistic interests: Contemporary pop culture and media

Chelsea double majored in Theater Studies and English at Wellesley College, and she earned her M.A. in Contemporary Literature, Theory, and Culture at King’s College London.  Her dissertation, “Entertaining the Offered Fallacy,” explored ways to create third wave feminist narratives in pop culture.  She is the fiction editor of the Kaaterskill Basin Literary Journal and loves to write everything from personal essays, to media criticism, to fiction.

Alison-LanierAlison Lanier

Current City: Boston, MA

Alison is an editor at Critical Flame. A Boston-based writer and graduate of Wellesley College, her writing has appeared in Atticus Review, Burningword, and Origins, as well as in Counterpoint Magazineand The Wellesley Review, where she also served as editor.

Kathryn Writer PhotoKathryn Griffith

Current city: Williamstown, MA

Artistic Interests: Renaissance and Italian art

Kathryn fell in love with Art History on her first trip to Italy and never looked back (unsurprisingly, she loves cappuccinos). In addition to Italian Renaissance art, she is interested in art of the ancient world, especially the Roman Empire. She is fascinated by the stories that emerge from the study of objects and what they reveal about the lives and society of the people who used them.

morganMorgan Moore, Editor at Large

Current city: Toronto, ON

Artistic Interests: Medieval art, theater, and manuscript culture; book arts

Morgan is pleased to serve as The Female Gaze’s consultant for all things related to grammar, mechanics, and style. A student primarily of literature, she writes elsewhere about language, performance, and national identity in Wales and England during the Middle Ages—and is frequently delighted by the way the traditional boundaries between ‘art’, ‘art history’, and ‘history’ blur in studying these periods. Her fascination with medieval manuscripts lead her to spend three years as an assistant to the Special Collections curators at Wellesley College while a student there, learning about books as material culture through a combination of classroom and hands-on experience. She has also spent time as a Curatorial Intern with the College’s Davis Museum and Cultural Center, and as a gallery attendant at the Aberystwyth Arts Center. Outside of her medieval focus, Morgan is an enthusiastic observer of art drawn to periods and styles ranging from Jan Vermeer to James Turrell.

Jessica Metelus, Social Media Manager

Current City: Boston, MA

Artistic Interests: Pre-Raphaelite paintings, Impressionism, Theatre, and anything Rococo!

Jessica graduated from Wellesley College with a History major and a Sociology minor. With a concentration in European History (and a focus on people of color), she studied abroad in the South of France. Her earliest memory in a museum is sitting in the courtyard of the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum after a school trip and being utterly awestruck by its beauty. Since that moment she’s made an effort to visit as many museums as she can when she travels or remains in her home city, Boston. As a member of the TFG team, Jess has been able to combine her social media savviness with her love for art in all its forms. She aims to expand TFG’s audience and learn more about art in the process. When she’s not borrowing too many books from the library, you can find her traveling, watching cooking videos, or trying to finish a scarf she’s been knitting for awhile now.


Claire Milldrum

Current city:  Minneapolis, MN

Artistic Interests: Photography

Claire’s that person in your class that is always amazed by something. She is enthralled by the positive social outcomes of arts and trying to learn how best to encourage those kinds of changes. Photography is her main focus for its capacity to capture the world we know while leaving a record for people who will not know our faces and names. She also loves a good cookie and biking.