Remembering Betty White

Betty White’s passing hits hard. I’m so happy she lived such a long and prosperous life, but death brings with it a sorrowful feeling for those who are left behind. As a child, I watched Golden Girls with my Mom before school. As an adult, I took refuge in the hilarity and strength found in The Mary Tyler Moore Show. Betty brought joy into our homes for longer than I’ve been alive, and that joy will continue long after her death. I’m thankful for what she’s done to brighten our world. Today, let’s look back at some of our favorite characters that Betty played.

  1. Rose Nylund – Golden Girls

Betty originally wanted to play Blanche, and I’m sure she would have nailed that role, but the hilarity she brought to the screen as Rose is undeniable. She took a ‘dumb blonde’ character and gave her heart and complexity that won us all over. 

  1. Sue Ann Nivens – The Mary Tyler Moore Show

While Betty wasn’t part of the original cast, her addition to the show in season four fit right in. Sue Ann was a character that was snarky, scandalous, and judgmental while also being funny and witty. It was a dynamic that the world was not used to seeing from a woman, and Betty didn’t hold back one bit.

  1. Grandma Annie – The Proposal 

Is there anything funnier than Betty White dancing in the Alaskan woods with Sandra Bullock twerking to Get Low? Or Betty looking for Sandra’s breasts in an oversized wedding gown? I didn’t think so. She was really up for anything as long as it elicited a good laugh, and we’re thankful for that. 

  1. Elka Ostrovsky – Hot in Cleveland 

It was clear that Betty’s love of sitcoms did not diminish with age. She continued to challenge herself and bring joy to our living rooms as Elka, a sassy elderly widower who has the comedic timing of a comedy legend. At one point, they did a live episode of this show, and there was no mistaking that, even in her 80’s, Betty never missed a beat. 

What a loss, but what a light.

RIP Betty White.

January 17, 1922 – December 31, 2021

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