What TFG is Looking Forward To In 2020

Happy New Year from the entire TFG team! It’s still a little insane to think that we are at the beginning of a new decade. So far, 2020 has been off to a rather rocky start globally. But for as many stories dominating our news about natural disasters and escalating violence, there are also a lot of hopeful and creative things happening as well. Here’s what the TFG team is looking forward to in 2020. 

Tiffany: I’m excited for Sarah Urist Green’s new book You are an Artist will be released in April and is currently available for pre-order here.The sequel to To All the Boys I Loved Before is will be available on Netflix on February 12th. Hopefully, I can also get a ticket to go see the Yayoi Kusama’s infinity installation, Love is Calling at the ICA here in Seaport soon as well. It’s been sold out for several months that I’ve been checking for tickets but I think it will be the immersive and beautiful experience. 

Kathryn: Happy New Year!! There’s a 19th century photography exhibit, 2020 Vision: Photographs, 1840s-1860s, at the Met that I am hoping to go see. Early photography is a more recent passion of mine (which I wrote about in my Art Institute and 4 Things I Love about Art posts). 

Morgan: I’m excited to be accompanying my students to at least two gallery/museum visits this year, and seeing what sorts of fantastic global medieval art is out there in our collections which I don’t yet know about! We’re hitting the Royal Ontario Museum as well as a collection here on campus at the University of Toronto. 

Catherine: I’m hoping to go to the Seattle Art Museum to see their current exhibit called Flesh and Blood with a lot of Renaissance paintings, on view until January 26th. 

What are you looking forward to this year in the arts? Let us know in the comments below!

Cover Image: Love is Calling, ICA (Boston, September 2019). Lane Turner for the Boston Globe.


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