4 Art Experiences to Explore in New York this Summer

Written by Kathryn Cooperman; edited by Catherine Harlow.

Cover image per SLFMag on Tumblr of a sculpture from Kusama: Cosmic Nature.

With pandemic restrictions slowly lifting and the art scene bustling again in New York, there will be some exciting art exhibits to visit this summer. Below, I’ve listed some particularly intriguing offerings that I look forward to attending.

  1. Kusama: Cosmic Nature. New York Botanical Gardens has a beautiful and striking array of contemporary artist Yayoi Kusama’s sculptures displayed throughout its grounds. The installations express the artist’s love of nature and mimic the organic forms present throughout the gardens. On display through October 31, the exhibit promises to be an intriguing and enthralling experience.
  1. Immersive Van Gogh. Digital artist Massimiliano Siccardi has engineered a striking, all-encompassing virtual experience that takes viewers back to the life and time of Expressionist artist Vincent Van Gogh. The exhibit has shown internationally and has received glowing reviews by critics and visitors alike. Immersive Van Gogh is currently on display at Pier 39 in New York City through September 6.
  1. Pin Cushion. Located in New York City’s Garment district, and created by Patricia Gonzalez and Carlos Franqui of the art studio Floratorium, Pin Cushion is an ode to fashion and nature, a metaphor for businesses in the area coming back to life in the wake of the pandemic. This charming sculpture will be up through July 31 at the corner of Seventh Avenue and 39th Street.
  1. Julie Mehretu at the Whitney Museum. Through August 8, the Whitney Museum will feature about 70 works by renowned abstract artist Julie Mehretu. Her oversize depictions comment broadly on capitalism, urbanization, and politics. They leave the viewer reflecting on our ever-changing world, and contemplating the many issues that we face as a society. I look forward to visiting this poignant exhibit.

Have you visited any of these exhibits, or do you have others to recommend? Let us know in the comments!


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