Every Bob's Burgers Christmas Episode Ranked

Every Bob’s Burgers Christmas Episode Ranked

Written by Katie Constantine

Edited by Morgan Moore

I think we can all agree that Bob’s Burgers has some of the best Christmas episodes around. They’re unique, hilarious, and oftentimes quite strange, but which one is the best? We’ve ranked every Christmas episode from the show’s 11 seasons. See if your favorite took the top spot!

11. “Nice-capades” (S. 6, Ep. 5)

Every Bob’s Burgers Christmas Episode Ranked

Coming in last place is an episode where the Belcher kids accidentally insult a mall Santa and must perform an ice capades show to be placed back on the nice list. The jokes are funny in this one, but the plot is slow-going, so, while it was fun to watch the first time around, I don’t gravitate back to watch it. I will say that I do always enjoy watching Louise believe in childish things like Santa since she has adult tendencies most of the time.

10. “Father of the Bob” (S. 5, Ep. 6)

Every Bob’s Burgers Christmas Episode Ranked

It’s nice to get a glimpse into Bob’s father’s restaurant world when the family visits him for a Christmas party, and I always love when they show flashbacks of the kids as babies because they’re just so cute. Unfortunately, this is another episode that is enjoyable to watch the first time around, but doesn’t really bring me back a second time. The main plot is fine, but sticking the kids in the basement to put together lame gifts felt like a waste of their plotline. Even so, it’s fun to watch Bob and his dad line dance at the gay bar next door.  

9. Gene’s Christmas Break (S. 12, Ep. 10)

Sneak Peek at DJ Gene in 'Bob's Burgers' Holiday Episode (VIDEO)

It’s not just Taylor Swift who’s rerecording songs now. When Gene’s favorite ’70’s Christmas album breaks, and he discovers it’s too rare to find a replacement, the Belcher family surprises him with their own recording of it. This episode is hilarious and reminiscent of all the overplayed Christmas songs that you just can’t seem to live without.

8. “The Bleakening” (S. 8, Ep. 6 and 7)

I like the premise that Linda has to solve the mystery of who stole her Christmas tree, and that it leads to a warehouse with a giant rave, but I don’t think this needed to be split into two episodes. I think the first one is funny, but the second one just takes too long to reach the conclusion. If they were combined, it would be much higher on the list. Still, it has a great ending! 

7. “Better Off Sled” (S. 9, Ep. 10)

Every Bob’s Burgers Christmas Episode Ranked

Any episode with Regular Sized Rudy is going to be a good one in my book and this was a storyline that we can all relate to. Who hasn’t been on a sledding adventure when suddenly big kids attack with snowballs? In the end, it was great to see Logan and his annoying friends pummeled by the girls they tormented. 

6. “Yachty or Nice” (S. 11, Ep. 10)

Bob’s Burgers is asked to cater a fancy yacht club holiday party. This gets Linda and Bob all excited, but the kids are bummed out when they have to work instead of fight for presents from Teddy who is dressed up as Santa. If that chaos isn’t enough, Jimmy Pesto enters the scene and is actually nice to Bob. It’s off-putting and hilarious, with a great holiday backdrop.

5. “The Last Gingerbread House on the Left” (S. 7, Ep. 7)

Mr. Fischoeder and his rich, immature friends having an underground gingerbread competition (almost to the death) is brilliant. Add in Felix hovering about trying to join in, and you have comedy gold. If that wasn’t enough, Linda forces the kids (plus Teddy) to go caroling only to come across a Boo Radley character with the voice of an angel. I always love seeing her dedication to creating family memories turn into an expectations vs. reality situation. Overall, it is just an all-around great episode. 

4. “Have Yourself a Maily Linda Christmas” (S. 10, Ep. 10)

Every Bob's Burgers Christmas Episode Ranked

Some of the best Bob’s Burgers episodes focus on either Linda’s antics or her parents oddities, so it’s no surprise that a Christmas special that contains both is a recipe for success! Pairing Bob up with Tina to deal with his strange in-laws creates a whirlwind of awkwardness in the best way, and Linda is too filled with Christmas spirit to ever be normal enough to let something like a possible missing present go. It’s an episode that is definitely top 3 material.

3. “The Plight Before Christmas” (S.13, Ep.10)

For the first time, a Bob’s Burgers episode made me cry. It was so touching to see the family rally around Louise and for her to actually get real and honest about how much she loves her family in a public setting. It provides viewers with the perfect sibling moment that is too good not to love.

2. “God Rest Ye Merry Gentle-Mannequins” (S. 3, Ep. 9)

Every Bob’s Burgers Christmas Episode Ranked

The creativity! The dimension! The weird confusing mannequin love! It’s everything one loves about Bob’s Burgers all rolled up into one hilarious holiday episode. Sometimes holiday specials can get a bit monotonous, but this one provided a really unique storyline that was sometimes disturbing, in true Bob’s Burgers fashion. 

1. “Christmas in the Car” (S. 4, Ep. 8)

Sometimes you just need to get a new tree on Christmas Eve, and sometimes that leads to being threatened by a giant candy cane truck, right? This episode contains way too many hilarious, on-point jokes for it not to be given the top spot on our list. We all know someone like Linda who puts their Christmas tree up way too early, and someone like Bob who won’t look at a Christmas tree until after Thanksgiving. Add that with the hilarious chaos delivered by a gigantic candy cane truck driven by the demon from Disney’s Hercules and you have got yourself a fantastic Christmas episode.    

Do you agree with our rankings? If not, let us know which ones you would switch in the comment section below!


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