TFG is 5

It’s hard to believe that this endeavor is 5 years old this month. It feels as though so much has changed since we began writing in 2015. In truth, it feels as though the world has changed so much since 5 months ago (in early March).

Over the next month, our writers will be sharing their perspectives on pieces they have written so far. Moving forward, we will continue to evaluate how we can best support and uplift creators of color and progressive voices.

We are so honored and thankful for the support we continue to receive from our all our readers. When we began, we thought a feminist art journal would immediately be fodder for internet trolls and critics. But, we have been so touched by the overwhelmingly positive response that many of our pieces have received. It is this support that makes us confident that we can continue to tackle the more difficult conversations around race, gender, and society.

Thank you for giving us this platform, we hope to use it well.

What do you think about this?

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