TFG is 3!

Happy Birthday to us! Can you believe that we’ve been doing this for three years?

It seems like just yesterday this all started with an email about a ‘modest proposition’, after days of stewing and pent up energy finally begot a moment of inspiration.

With our team onboard, we set up our website and social media. We had no idea who would read us (if anyone did at all), but it really didn’t matter. We scoured old essays we had written, hoping one could be polished enough to finally make it to our precious developing website.

We energetically considered fonts, themes, and logos meticulously considering every design aspect of this project. After all, if we were going to be an arts publication, we would have to look the part!

And suddenly…we were live!

We started by writing about the things we cared deeply about, both the things we loved and the things that frustrated us. We hoped to be accessible to a broader audience, talking about art forms that anyone and everyone could see.

This has changed somewhat over the last couple of years, as we weathered an election together and tried to figure out how art would function in a new political era.

Young adulthood is full of professional uncertainty, and thus a new series was born! How much brighter and better the world seemed knowing that there were all these wonderful people creating, educating and resisting! From animators to fashion designers, each interviewee has brought a unique and compelling story to our inbox.

And earlier this year in 2018,we became a company! This was an exciting leap forward that we had wanted to make for a while, which was enabled by the generous support of creators we have admired for years. There is no textbook for how to run your own company, but we are sure having fun trying to figure that out.

Over the years, we’ve said goodbye to several cherished members of our team, but we’ve also added bright minds in the form of new writers, editors, and media mavens, all of whom have only made a stronger and more well-rounded group. Our team is scattered across the country and constantly improving how we work together. .

We don’t know where this is going to go, if we’re entirely honest. . If you had asked us years ago whether we could even conceive of interviewing our artistic idols, we would have thought you were crazy. But whether you’re a new supporter or you’ve been here from the beginning, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We can’t wait to see what this year has in store for us.

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