From Wellesley, with Love

I recently went back out to Wellesley College, a place that is near and sometimes dear to many on this team.  I’ve also been consuming online video voraciously since I was 16 so I decided to try my hand at vlogging that experience. I apologize in advance for clunky visual editing-I don’t have a production team, it’s just me and my computer and my phone.

A couple reflections that didn’t make it into the vlog for length reasons:

  1. As far as places go, there was a period right after graduation where I really did not want to go back to this place. In my mind, I had so many negative associations and after four years, I wanted a fresh start. It is only with time and space that I can be grateful for what it did bring to my life instead of fixating on what it did not. If you are a fellow alumna who has felt this way, please know that you are not alone.
  2. I was recently watched a vlog by Hank Green about his high school and how our experiences of the spaces we occupy are largely dependent on the people we share them with. I tend to agree with him for this case as well. Although the spaces on campus felt very familiar, my inability to just knock on my friends’ doors and chat with a bottle of rose definitely hammered home the reality that this isn’t really my space anymore, I am somewhat of an interloper. It helps in some ways but I do understand why Reunion is so special for those who participate.
  3. I encountered a Wonder Woman pumpkin and I liked it quite a lot.

    IMG_20171028_115119314_BURST000_COVER_TOP (1)
    Aforementioned Wonderwoman pumpkin et al.

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