Painting Time-Lapse

One of the reasons I like to paint is that visual art can initiate open-ended conversations in a way that written words cannot.  Words have specific meanings and are meant to clearly and precisely convey that meaning, albeit with some room for interpretation when it comes to literature and poetry.  Viewing art, however, is very often a personal, subjective experience, so there is no right or wrong when it comes to contemplation about visual art.  The artist may have some specific intentions in mind when creating the work, but the viewer’s own perspective and life experiences provide the lens for what they actually see in a piece.  Each individual who observes art brings their own understanding and meaning to it.  Two people viewing the same work can easily have a conversation with each other describing what they see and how they understand it, in the process pointing out what the other may not have seen or provide an interpretation of which they might not have thought.  In this way, both people walk away having a broader, richer understanding of the artwork they observed.


Now I would like to invite you to step into the studio with me.  Below is a time-lapse video of me working on a small section of one of my most recent works.  The raw footage was about 40 minutes long, and was shot on two days (paint had to dry overnight).  The object is a discarded support fragment from 3D printing.


You can see a picture of the whole painting almost completed here on my Instagram. You can also see other pictures of the painting’s progress on my Instagram as well.





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